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četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 07:56

Streets of Corfu

Long ago I had that one extremely memorable dream. One of those that doesn't fade out with first morning sunshine. Instead, it was regularly popping the surface of my mind making me wondering if these vivid images, haunting me every now and again, are just product of my imagination or perhaps there are something more hidden beneath. In the dream I wander the narrow streets of an unknown city one after another and after a while I stumble to the big square with large monumental building decorated with dark reddish bricks with no signs or any familiar markings I can recognize. I was always wondering where all these colorful images originated from and somehow always had that feeling that I am probably missing an important link to fully understand the whole picture.

četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 07:25

Mammoths of Moesia Superior


Once, long, loong, loooooong ago in the days of Late Jurassic period in the world of Pterodactylus, famous flying dinosaur, mother Earth was pretty busy with the works of creating continents, large mountains, seas and oceans like we know today. At the time the place we know as Europe was mostly covered by large sea by the name of Paratethys. About hundred millions of years later, dramatic tectonic changes started producing large mountain formations today well known as Alpes and Carpathians, which made Paratethys to loose connection with Mediterranean to the south and to form separate large inland sea in today's central Europe. Millions of years later, there are two remnant seas that still exist with names of Black and Caspian Seas. But there was one more in nowadays Pannonain basin, that lasted almost 9 millions years and finally disappeared in the middle of the Pleistocene Epoch, about 600,000 years ago with remnant lakes here and there especially in Hungary today. During its long life, Pannonian Sea followed Earth's tectonic events and once was covering almost entire territory of nowadays Serbia. Even the place when I am located right now, was once pretty watery and wet. When I was a kid, I played a lot with digging our front yard and from time to time got lucky with couple of snail shells that sometimes forced me to think about their origin. There were small and white and even though I doubt they are that old, they were very much familiar to the ones you can find in nowadays salty seas. Nothing like you can see today in our neighborhood.

Viminacium's Vika
četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 07:16

Scientific Copenhagen


Do you have that strange feeling when you are about to visit new city abroad and little afraid of what you would stumble to when it come to simple things? Like how to use metro line or how to buy a bus ticket or how to identify your next destination? Or how to book your flight back to your home? Or how to handle a simple dilemma of should you exchange the money to the local currency or is it wise to put your card in every ATM or any other 'slot' machine on your way?

Hello™ at Microsoft Campus Days, 2014

Ericsson, a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services, has the answer for you. And me too. Last week, I took my entire family to the trip to Copenhagen for both, business and pleasure hours in the Danish capital. During my previous visits I didn't have much time for tourism and any off work activity for that matter. So I took a little research this time and Ericsson's "Networked Society City Index" helped a lot. Within the well-developed ICT infrastructure, economy and social development as well as environmental progress, Copenhagen is located in the top five within the NSC index, among 31 well developed worldwide cities. After our visit we left Denmark with a feeling that everything, or most of it, went perfectly smooth and applied IT were extremely helpful, simple and useful. Unified communications (UC), integrated into people's business life from within smart gadgets and laptop computers were also big part of it and I can proudly say that, in a way, I took a part in active development of Rackpeople's* Hello™ for Microsoft® Lync® - UC software that integrates with Microsoft's Lync and Exchange and presents video conferencing within a single click on wide variety of screens and devices. The business part of last week Copenhagen's trip was to visit Microsoft Campus Days where Hello™ had a big feature presentation and successfully presented what it can do in current edition. From developer's point of view I have a good feeling that this project will have long life with plenty of room for more versions in the future especially if Skype and Lync integrate and create space for non-business users as well.

However, Copenhagen, beside business side of the medal has plenty more to offer. History, arts, sport and music events, amusement parks, museums, royal and naval sites, shopping streets and malls, restaurants, walks along the canals, sightseeing from the sea and many more, but this time we chose to glimpse the city's unique scientific side. With seven years old boy in our small family, along with me, being a big fan of science and skeptical society, our stay was really special. If you add a last week's Black Friday hysteria, which brought enormous smile on my wife's face all-day-long, I can safely say that we spent one of those memorable times you never forget.

The Rundetårn, a 17th-century astronomical observatory**
nedelja, 03 maj 2015 11:33



Zivopisna i bucna, Barselona je grad koji nikog ne ostavi ravnodusnim a samim tim ni mene. Nenadmasna kombinacija Atonija Gaudija i vatrenih navijaca Barse.

Zabava na svakom koraku, sarenilo boja i stilova, duz cele La Ramble i ulicnih zabavljaca ce Vas uvek vracati Barseloni. Sve ovo i mnogo drugih atrakcija daju joj status jednog od najlepsih gradova u Evropi. Moja pocetna stanica je bio Kolumbov spomenik odakle sam imala izbora da li da krenem putem kupoholicarke u pravcu Mare Magnuma ili da me avanturisticki duh odvuce na drugu stranu kako bih se izgubila i ponovo pronasla u mirisima i ukusima duz cele La Ramble. Na pola puta me je odvukla na svoju stranu La Bokeria gde sam uzivala u isprobavanju sokova od najrazlicitijeg voca. Kao sto Katalonci vole da kazu da je Barselona vise od jedog kluba, tako bi za La Bokeriu moglo da se kaze da je vise od jedne pijce. Ljudi u gradu su me posebno odusevili, onima koji rade u objektima koji imaju veze sa turistima to je posao, ali su na mene poseban utisak ostavili ljudi na ulici- obican narod. U gradu vlada opustena atmosfera. Ima puno ljudi, jurnjave automobila, turista ali opet je sve nekako opusteno. U suton, predahnite uz casu domaceg vina na nekom od brojnih trgova. Dan mi se zavrsio na nestvaran nacin, uz spektakl Magicnih fontana. Posebnu emociju sam dozivela uz poznate taktove pesme Lejla - Hari Mata Harija. Ovaj vodeno, svetlosni i muzicki show ne bi trebalo propustiti, uzivacete sigurno u njihovoj magicnoj predstavi.

Naredni dan sam pocela sa bajkovitoscu parka Guelj,uzivala sam u panorami grada i na trenutak sam bila u prici o Ivici i Marici podstknuta mastovito oslikanim kucicma ispred mene.   Gaudijevu cuvenu i nedovrsenu katedralu Sagrada familia sam ostavila za kraj, koja je i jedna od najupecatljivijih znamenitosti grada. Cela fama oko duzine i same gradnje crkve daje joj dozu privlcnosti za turiste iz celog sveta. Takvu grandioznost i rad sa toliko detalja nisam nigde videla. Iako nisam ljubitelj fudbala, nisam mogla da dozvolim da propustim posetu Nou Camp-u. Stadion FC Barselona je mesto na koje treba otici cak i ukoliko ne volite fudbal.

Postoje jos mnoge druge znamenitoti koje bi trebalo posetiti (Spansko selo, Piksov muzej, Monzuik, Korida, Kasa Batlo...), a koje ja ovog puta nisam uspela. To sam svakako ostavila za neki naredni put posto je ovaj vanvremenski grad jedan od moji ponovnih odredista.

Na svakom koraku, pogledu, zalogaju uzivacete u svemu sto Barselona nudi.