Thassos Island Today and Before

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The age of this blog is both old, in a sense of fast maturing of internet and IT technology in general, but also very young if we are counting human age in old fashion way.

When we fist visited Thassos island dozen of years before, internet and social sharing technology were about to enter their unstable teenage years, so to speak. It was the time when I bought my first digital camera, HP PhotoSmart C850 with it's state of the art optics and digital technology from the time. Pictures from Thassos back then in the summer of 2003 were probably my first attempt to take more artistic landscapes from our Greece vacations and today is perhaps the time to compare both what changes in photography gadgets and also with Thassos itself after full 12 years.


Let's start with images first. After 12 years in time distance, I decided to choose the same number of images for this post - half of them shown above, all taken with HP Photosmart C850 with 4 megapixels CCD sensor and half below taken from this summer vacation with Nikon D5200 and CMOS sensor with approximately 20 megapixels more than in old HP. It is insufficient to say that 12 years of technology in optics, hardware and software is easily noticeable.


As for Thassos island, very little changed over the years. Local people are still the same, very hospitable and friendly, beaches are the same as they probably were hundreds of thousands of years before, the Aegean sea is still crystal clear, just like in the time of Zeus and the company and the Sun is the same hot, like in all Julys in previous millenniums and eons.

What is little different are the people who are visiting Thasos - this year there were more tourists from Eastern European countries, like Romania, Bulgaria, Moldavia, Ukraine and Russia and less from the Western Europe which is probably the result of the anti-Greece media campaign due to political conflict between Greek government and EU and financial crisis in Greece these years. I have to say that at least during our stay on Thassos I couldn't notice any crisis or any problems whatsoever. Man-made crises are always like that, they always have profusely enhanced exposure in media and the truth is never on either side in conflict and never in media. I know it is a cliche, but you probably heard the phrase "trust no one" and if you ask me, it is always the ultimate truth when it comes to raw propaganda, news in media, especially if it is related to some political affairs like current one in Greece vs EU (and by EU you can freely read Germany).

Usually, our thanks goes to our local Big Star travel agency and their forum called Putopis! which hosted couple of my post from this blog. Also to the Greek agency Mouzenidis Travel and the perfect Filippos hotel we spent our entire vacation within olive groves near the village of Rachoni and its stairway (Greek: σκάλα) to the sea.

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