Milan Živić

Milan Živić

nedelja, 02 avgust 2015 11:51

Thassos Island Today and Before

The age of this blog is both old, in a sense of fast maturing of internet and IT technology in general, but also very young if we are counting human age in old fashion way.

četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 09:56

Streets of Corfu

Long ago I had that one extremely memorable dream. One of those that doesn't fade out with first morning sunshine.
četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 09:28

Fishermen and Pirates of Evia

The road this summer took us approximately 700km south to the Greek second large island of Evia (Εύβοια). Starting from this year we decided to leave Macedonian Greece and start spending our vacations and visiting other regions of the country and this southern part of the Balkans.
četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 09:25

Mammoths of Moesia Superior

Once, long, loong, loooooong ago in the days of Late Jurassic period in the world of Pterodactylus, famous flying dinosaur, mother Earth was pretty busy with the works of creating continents, large mountains, seas and oceans like we know today.

četvrtak, 14 maj 2015 09:16

Scientific Copenhagen

Do you have that strange feeling when you are about to visit new city abroad and little afraid of what you would stumble to when it come to simple things?

ponedeljak, 04 maj 2015 19:11


In our part of the world summer vacation is the most important one for most people.